Saturday, September 17, 2011

no girls allowed

Those who know me well know that I'm an egalitarian, which means I'm for gender equality in the Church and home.  I've claimed this position since my days at Wheaton College, when I finally was able to make that necessary perspective shift from the complementarian position.  Even though the old mindset was comfortable in a way, it was what I was raised with at church and at home, I couldn't get there from the biblical text.  I had to push forward and ask God to help me let go of it.

So here I am, married to a wonderful woman who is my partner, my equal.  I'm a supporter of CBE.  I cringe when I hear of the abuse that goes on in the name of male headship.  I can't ever go back to that place.

But even though this is now my position, old habits are hard to break.  Just the other day, when I was talking to my wife, I made a statement that was blatantly sexist and insensitive.  Fortunately, my spouse is an understanding woman who knows my heart, so it was an opportunity for discussion. 

It reminded me that old habits are hard to break.

But I think there are many of us who, while we claim the egalitarian position, still are afraid to actually push for true equality.  In a recent blog post, Carol Howard Merritt explained the perspectives of many females who are called into leadership, but still find it a daunting and treacherous place.

It's time for people like me to push forward for a place of true equality in perspective and practice.

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