Monday, March 7, 2011


Worship is not a private practice. It is the chief work of heaven and the duty of every creature. A day will come when our conflict and mutual discomfort over the church's worship will end. Until then we must muddle through the best we can be reminding ourselves that we are part of a much larger congregation - one populated by patriarchs and prophets, saints and angels, where we are invited to join a chorus that began on the first day of creation. The first notes were sounded by those who surround the throne in heaven.  Their theme echoes through the rest of God's domain.  All that remains is for us to add our voices to their song.

- John Koessler

John Koessler, "The Trajectory of Worship: What's Really Happening When We Praise God in Song?," Christianity Today, March 2011, 21.

Worship is more than we think.  


And it's not about us or what we like or what fits us or what's easy for us.

When we are gathered around the throne, living out what we have practiced on earth, I'm pretty certain that we're not going to be worried about what kind of songs we're singing or what instruments will be playing.  And when we're on our faces, we're not going to be worried about whether we sit in pews or chairs.  

Praise God, that time is coming.  But for now, we have to practice for that day.  We have to worship in a day-by-day, moment-by-moment kind of way.  When we truly live like this, we're can't be worried about liking the song or knowing the song or if the organ is too loud or getting our favorite seats.  God wants us to worship in a way that will shake us to the core and change our lives completely.  Because worship doesn't start in us, therefore it doesn't happen at our convenience.  Worship starts with Christ, the one who can make that kind of renewal happen.  

It's a dangerous situation.  Once we have a genuine encounter with the living God, we'll never be the same.  Instead of going to church, we'll be the Church.  

It's not about us, friends.  It's about rehearsing for the heavenly choir.

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  1. "Because worship doesn't start in us, therefore it doesn't happen at our convenience"

    Brilliant insight. Thanks for writing.